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Learn how you can transfer skill development into high pressured competition!  


"I spend so much time on my skills, but when I get in the game it's like I can't use the stuff I've been working on!" Does this statement apply to you? Well it applies to many people out there! So many in fact that we decided to make a course about it!" 

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It's heartbreaking to be the hardest worker on the team, have to come off the bench because he can't pull out those skills during game time. There IS a better way to train! Nobody cares that you put up 500 shots a day or how well you can dribble two balls! The only thing that matters is whether that work affects your stat sheet and more importantly your team's wins and losses!! If its not doing those two things its time to make an adustment! PAIN+ REFLECTION= GROWTH!


Checklist to effective drills:

  • Must stimulate sensorimotor system 

  • Must have a decision making and reaction component

  • Must have a defender involved

  • All skill execution are a Possibility NOT a must (Must have multiple options)

  • Skills are integrated not isolated                              (ie. no such thing as just ballhandling)

  • Drills must have context!

  • 90% are competitive drills! 

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Basic Introduction of skill acquisition and motor learning!

How you can create your own drills with the Strive Spectrum 

Over 20 small sided games and variations 

Integrated approaches for Shooting, ballhandling and finishing 

See better results with less time spent

Context is KING. Knowing WHEN do to the skill is just as important as HOW.

Progressive and Regressive variations depending on experience


Section 1


You're not going to find many stationary ballhandling drills in this course! Everything that we do here is dynamic. We are also are going to throw at least one defender at you so that you learn to handle pressure in different situations. From experience, this is the section where players tend to lose confidence, because they are not used to so much pressure. Stick with it and see great results within weeks!



Before we dive into more content about this program lets go over who this program is not for! If you think that endless combo moves that you have never once done in a game is the answer to all this, then please exit this page NOW! However, if you have taken time to self reflect on what is actually used in the game, and that its honestly not that complicated, then you have arrived at the right product. 


Session 2


There are a million finishing possibilities out there, so it comes down to context and perception of when to do certain finishes. That's why all the finishes that we work on are done in a random, chaotic environment. Get ready to be pushed outside of your comfort zone here, but if you stick with it, you will see game changing results.


Session 3


You don't need us to shoot spot shots, you can do that by yourself. What our training does offer is real LIVE shooting situations. Just like every other skill, shooting needs to have context, just because you are a good catch and shoot player, doesn't mean you will be a good transition shooter, just because you can score when your wide open, doesn't mean you can score when you are guarded. With consistency these drills will transform you into a lights out shooter when it comes game time.



Can I still do my skill development by myself on top of this?


Sure! But please know that working on Blocked training should only be used to build comfort and confidence. If you are doing an hour workout only 15 mins or less should be dedicated to those things. We are looking for results!!



Can I really get better with these drills in under an hour?


Definitely! These drills are so effective because you are constantly being pressured to "stretch" yourself and grow. Mistakes are learning experiences, we want to make the practice messy because that is what the game is going to look like. These drills have context and are situation specific so you are not working on general predicable drills.



I am not getting the volume of shots that I get by myself how can I possibly get better?


You are right, the volume has decreased! But the quality has significantly increased! Rather just catching and shooting mindlessly (which never happens in the game) You now need to make the right decision on if you should catch and shoot, one dribble pull up, drive to the rim, or a pass. THAT is how the game is played. Now if you feel like you need to get extra shots up on top of that... feel free. But remember all we care about is in game results!

I'm a parent and when using small sided games it looks so messy and unorganized, should my kids be in a line learning how to do layups instead?


There is a time and a place for that. As painful as it may look, this is what learning looks like. Learning is not linear, rather as the kids are making "mistakes" and learning, they are getting feedback on what works and what doesn't. Embrace the growth process, it doesn't always look pretty! 

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